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9 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Freelance Blogger PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Snyder   
Sunday, 05 August 2012 11:30

by Corey Eridon HUBSPOT

Hiring a freelance writer to feed your blog with content comes with some bonuses -- namely, they cost less than hiring a full-time, in-house employee. But many marketers and business owners have been burned by freelance writers who are unresponsive, deliver poor quality content, disappear when they get busy with other projects (or a full-time day job), and miss deadlines. Working with freelancers like that not only presents scalability issues, but it also takes up so much of your time researching, interviewing, and reviewing writing samples that you could probably just use that time to blog for yourself.

So how do you get it right the first time? How do you ask the right questions to weed out the unreliable freelancers, and pick the ones that will create great content for your blog on a consistent basis? Here are the questions you should ask and indicators that will let you pick out a super star freelance writer for your blog who you can rely on for a long time to come.

How to Write Headlines PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Snyder   
Sunday, 05 August 2012 11:22

Originally Published July 23rd, 2012 by MARKETWIRE

With everyone from experienced journalists to high school kids getting a deluge of news and information from feeds and email on their PCs, tablets, and even smartphones, the modern press release has to grab attention more than ever. But with massive amounts of information lighting up the web and flooding journalists' inboxes, how do you get your press release to permeate the first layer and sink in its roots? A well written and strategized headline always helps. Here are five tips:

Keep the Context

While "Clothing Company Has New Eco-Friendly Line" may seem like a headline ready for publication in a fashion blog or the style section, you have to remember it hasn't actually gotten there yet. Broad, general headlines like the above usually tend to get lost in the background. Uber-busy journalists are the ones who pick up your release and expand the reach of your content, and they are much more likely to spend time reading a release that gets right to the point of who, what, where, ...well, you know. So, always keep the company name in your headline. Here's a great one: American Giant Launches Line of Polo Shirts

The exception to always having the company name in the headline? Since a features press release is usually more for content marketing and will oftentimes serve as the unaltered, finished story that appears in search engines, news feeds and social media sites, the headline of a features release can be distributed without a company name and read a bit more vaguely. But features releases are a whole different blog post.

An effective headline should always reflect the content present in the rest of the press release too. When you write your headline, ask yourself: of the main news points that I am covering, which one would I tell my best friend about first?

Branding Myths (and How to Avoid Them) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Snyder   
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 12:27


Do you remember the story of Chicken Little? If one person tells you the sky is falling, you laugh at him. But if you’re told the same story over and over, pretty soon you believe it. This also rings true with branding – just because everyone else is saying or doing something doesn’t mean that it works.

Time and again I see entrepreneurs throw thousands of dollars away trying to grow their businesses with traditional branding techniques because everyone else is doing it. These branding myths can break a company before it even gets off the ground. Times have changed – technology has created new ways to build and brand your company; traditional techniques don’t always work anymore. Being aware of the following five myths will help you avoid these mistakes and save countless hours of frustration.

Five Don'ts for Marketing in Tough Times PDF Print E-mail
Written by Melissa Snyder   
Thursday, 10 May 2012 14:11

By Steve McKee | BusinessWeek

chartdownUnpredictable. Slow. Bleak. Grim. Gloomy. All words that have been used to describe the economic outlook for the balance of 2008—and depending upon who you talk to, the scenario for 2009 and beyond. Standard & Poor’s believes the economic difficulties we’ve been experiencing due to the mortgage mess and skyrocketing oil prices will be at their worst early next year (, 6/13/08). And while the housing market is sure to recover, oil prices may never come back down. That means more tough times for the economy, both in the U.S. and globally.

What’s a responsible business leader to do? Perhaps the slowdown already has made an impact on your company. Or maybe you can see it coming but aren’t sure exactly when and how it will hit. In either case, the most important thing is to keep your wits about you and not succumb to five common mistakes companies often make when times get tough.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day: We Couldn't Do It Without You! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Steve Snyder   
Wednesday, 25 April 2012 00:00
Administrative Professionals Day

Trillium Digital would like to take the time to commemorate Administrative Professionals Day® not just because it is usually the office managers, secretaries, and administrative assistants who are in charge of ordering our coffees and selecting their office's Keurig® single-cup brewer, but because at companies like Green Mountain Coffee, as in most workplaces, they are the backbone of the organization (and some of our favorite people, too).

Since 1952, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) has honored office workers by sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week (April 23-28 this year). Outside of employee birthdays and major holidays, it is one of the largest workplace observances.   The event is now celebrated worldwide, bringing together millions of people for community events, educational seminars and individual corporate activities recognizing support staff.

The theme for the 2012 Administrative Professionals Day® is: “Admins, the pulse of the office.”

10 Simple Tips to Boost your eCommerce Conversion Rates PDF Print E-mail
Written by Reid   
Monday, 09 January 2012 00:00

shopping cartTrillium Digital co-founder Reid Greenberg & Tom Funk  (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters) provide simple tips to boost conversion rates for your e-commerce site.

1.  Make Me Feel Safe

On average adding a VeriSign seal to the homepage yielded an average lift up to 20%.

2.  Near Miss Messaging on Cart

Green Mountain Coffee saw unit per order increases and conversion rate increases when implementing this strategy.

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