Congratulations to Cedar Hill!

Congratulations to Cedar Hill!

Grand Opening Celebrated in Windsor

Whew! It’s been quite a whirlwind around here the past few weeks as we’ve been helping the good folks at Cedar Hill get ready for their big grand opening open house celebration on February 22. Our team has been busy sending press releases, coordinating press conferences, and the advertising, including full color print ads in various statewide publications in both Vermont and New Hampshire, tv spots, and lots of social media exposure.

Trillium would like to thank all the vendors, contractors, employees and volunteers who came together and made it all happen, and we’d especially like to thank the owners, Mary Louise Sayles and Patricia Horn, who chose us as their marketing partners for this enormous endeavor. We are honored to be on their team!

We are super excited to share the wonderful coverage of the Cedar Hill Village expansion by the Vermont Standard, who was particularly supportive of the expansion project and even dedicated an entire special supplement in this week’s edition to Cedar Hill!

Here’s a link to the story on the Cedar Hill Website:

Cedar Hill Grand Opening

Cedar Hill Grand Opening

Village Grand Opening

Grand Opening for $10.64M Expansion Project at The Village at Cedar Hill

Visitors invited to tour new 40-unit wing and state-of-the-art Memory Care Center during February 22 open house celebration

WINDSOR VT, February 16, 2015—Award-winning Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community invites the community to a celebration—the opening of their expanded independent and assisted living wing and new memory care center. The open house celebration will be held on Sunday, February 22, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm and will include tours of the new 40,000 square-foot addition on Route 5 in Windsor. A press conference will be held prior to the open house, starting at 1:00 pm.

According to Windsor Town Manager, Tom Marsh, “Cedar Hill is a very positive family care option for Windsor community members. The expansion project not only supports the local economy, with additional employment options, but also improves our quality of life.”


Co-owner and founder Mary Louise Sayles and co-owner and community administrator Patricia Horn, along with the Cedar Hill staff, welcome visitors to view the new building, which will triple the space and resident capacity of the assisted living community and provide state-of-the-art care for memory care residents.

“We have long seen the need to offer additional assisted living apartments and, in particular, memory care units,” says Horn. “We have always served the needs of memory care residents across campus but now we have an environment that will help them enjoy greater socialization, and amenities designed specifically for their needs. People have been demanding this type of service and we are excited to provide this new space.”

The original 17,854 square-foot building included common areas and 21 one- and two-bedroom apartments. The expansion added two levels, increasing the area to 59,720 square feet. The community employs nearly 100 individuals and the new addition, designed by Mackenzie Architects of Burlington, VT, will ultimately add 25 more jobs.

State-of-the-Art Memory Care Center Provides Specialized Services

The state-of-the-art Judith Brogren Memory Care Center, the first of its kind in the area, is designed with consideration for the special needs of people with memory loss. The new center features two living areas, solar tubes that draw in natural sunlight, a country kitchen, and expansive internal areas for walking and socializing. The secure and fully-staffed memory care center was built specifically to serve the needs of people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, with dining and activity centers, a salon, a whirlpool and a sunroom that leads out onto an expansive patio and an enclosed garden and walking area.

The memory care center will be dedicated to Judith Brogren, RN and co-founder of the Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community, who passed away in 2013. Judith was a former Director of Nursing Services at Sullivan County Nursing Home.

New Addition Provides Additional Amenities and Rooms

The new wing for Independent and Assisted living features additional one- and two-bedroom and studio apartments with walk-in closets, wheelchair-accessible bathrooms and large showers. The addition expands common living spaces with a new dining room, living room, pub, large multipurpose activity room, fitness center, sun porch/art center, and light-filled library with computer centers.

The new assisted living wing will be dedicated to the memory of Maria Louise Horn, the oldest daughter of Sayles and sister to Horn. Maria, who died in 2004, was a licensed nursing home administrator who worked on the seacoast of New Hampshire.

Founded in 1988, Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community has created an environment of encouragement and supportive care for seniors, enabling them to live with dignity and maximize their personal potential, offering a high quality, holistic approach to senior living in a relaxed, friendly and homelike setting.

See more at:

Mary Louse Sayles Featured on WCAX Super Seniors

Mary Louse Sayles Featured on WCAX Super Seniors

Mary Louise Sayles, WCAX Super Senior

Mary Louise Sayles, WCAX Super Senior

We want to congratulate Cedar Hill co-owner Mary Louise Sayles on being chosen as this week’s WCAX Super Senior and her interview with Joe Carroll on WCAX, which is all about how she and her business partner Judy Brogren started Cedar Hill and what it has become.

We gave the Joe Carroll a call to let him know about the dynamo that is Mary Louise, and how at age 80 she’s overseeing construction of the $10 million expansion to her empire, and he made sure to come out and get an interview with her. The story was well-timed – it ran the week of her 80th Birthday!

From WCAX’s promo: “This week’s Super Senior aspired to be a nurse when she was young. Little did she know she would end up accomplishing so much more. Joe Carroll has the story coming up tonight at 6!”

Congratulations, Mary Louise!

Top 20 Holiday Trivia Questions

Top 20 Holiday Trivia Questions

Want to show you really love the holidays more than anyone else? Or do you just want to be your office’s own version of Cliff Clavin? Try these bits of trivia at the office holiday party and watch them gaze in amazement at your prodigious knowledge of all things Santa.

Where is the world’s largest Christmas tree?
Which country was the first to use the tradition of Christmas trees?
What did the American Ralph E. Morris invent?
Which was the last US state to declare an official holiday for Christmas?
Which was the first country to issue a Christmas postage stamp?
When is Santa Claus’s, i.e. St. Nicholas’s, birthday?
Why country has a tradition of a witch dropping gifts for children through the chimney at Christmas?
What is Santa Claus called in France?
Which country is the largest exporter of Christmas trees?
Which American President banned Christmas trees in The White House?
We all know about the tradition of hanging stockings for gifts. Which country uses shoes instead of socks for the same purpose?
Which company made the concept of Santa Claus popular in America?
How many ghosts are there in A Christmas Carol?
Which is the only Santa’s reindeer that is named after another animal?
How many Christmas cards, on an average, are sent in the US each year?
When is Boxing Day?
What did W. C. T. Dobson invent?
Who helps Santa Claus in making his gifts?
Which Christmas song holds the credit as the most-selling Christmas single of all time?
Which popular Christmas food was an American invention?


King’s Canyon National Park, California
Christmas lights
December 5th
Père Noél
Theodore Roosevelt
The Netherlands
Three billion
December 26 – the day after Christmas
The Christmas card
White Christmas

Adapted in part from

New Bensonwood Website Launch

New Bensonwood Website Launch

First Trillium site in Parallax

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the brand new Bensonwood Homes website! It truly took a village to put this one together, and we couldn’t be more proud of the results. This is our first site based on the new “Parallax” design, and it turned out even better than we imagined it would. Our Trillium team acted as project manager, helping develop the RFP with the guidance of the client; working with the design team to come up with a concept as innovative as the beautiful homes that Bensonwood handcrafts in their Walpole facility; and helping with the build.

Take a look at the finished product, and if it doesn’t convince you to build one of these homes, maybe it will convince you to build a website with us! 🙂

Learn more here:

Congrats to Kevin Pearce

Congrats to Kevin Pearce

We had the honor of working with the Kevin Pearce Fund last summer when “The Crash Reel” was released by HBO, as well as working on the Simon Pearce website to introduce the KP loveyourbrain bowl to support the KP fund to help support families who face traumatic brain injuries. Kevin is an inspiration to everyone who knows him.

From the Nat Geo website: “After a traumatic head injury, a snowboarder finds new ways to lead his community. In one year, snowboarder Kevin Pearce went from standing atop podiums at the X Games to relearning how to brush his own teeth after a traumatic brain injury. The one thing that never changed was Pearce’s commitment to the snowboarding community.” Here’s a link to the full story:

Please see this important film. It will change your life.  


Photo by Whitney Pratt

Digital Marketing Trends to watch in 2014

<p>It should come as no surprise by now that content marketing is the big buzzword, and for good reason. It really is the key, not just because Google has changed the whole game of SEO, but because it’s good for everyone involved. Good content keeps visitors coming back, and helps make sure content providers (that’s YOU, the client, the ones who are coming up with the content in the first place) have to take the time to really examine your content strategy, to make sure that your brand is being represented in the best way possible, logically, coherently, and appealingly. It can be tough to get it right, but it’s worth it. </p>
<p>For more, here’s a handy infographic from the clever folks at Infographic Design Team. </p>

<img class=”size-auto” src=”images/stories/infographics/online-marketing-trends-2014.jpg” alt=”trends2014″ title=”trends2014″ />
<p>(Source: Infographic Design Team.)</p>

THIS is what it means to go Viral

THIS is what it means to go Viral

The Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth (known as CHaD) holds a special place in the hearts of many families in New England, not the least of which is mine. Both of my own children were patients there. Trillium Digital is a long-time supporter.  So when I first saw this video on Tuesday evening, (ok, I watched it about 4 times in a row), I noticed that it already had about 12,000 hits and thought, “Wow, that’s pretty good!” And then I shared it. And so did about a million other people. This, my friends, is the very definition of social media going viral. As of today it already has well over a million views on YouTube, and the story has been picked up by national news outlets like CNN,, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed.

It has everything – a catchy anthem, powerful images of brave kids and loving caregivers, and an inspirational message of hope. And it compels you to share it. Go ahead – you know you want to!

You can make a donation to support the kids of CHaD at

Here’s a link to the behind-the-scenes story:

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a video to watch about 100 more times.

Update: As of March 2014, this video has over 4 million views! Now that’s the way to do it! I know I’ll never hear this song again without picturing this CHaD video (Sorry, Katy). Congratulations to everyone involved!

10 Simple Tips to Boost your eCommerce Conversion Rates

ecommerce shopper

Trillium Digital co-founder Reid Greenberg (Seventh Generation)  & Tom Funk  (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters) provide simple tips to boost conversion rates for your e-commerce site.

1.  Make Me Feel Safe

On average adding a VeriSign seal to the homepage yielded an average lift up to 20%.

2.  Near Miss Messaging on Cart

Green Mountain Coffee saw unit per order increases and conversion rate increases when implementing this strategy.

3.  Social Chiclets

Adding social sharing icons can boost conversion rates can drive new product adoption and boost conversion rates.

4.  Add to Cart & Rich Tips Everywhere

People are viewing 18% fewer pages on your site this year from last year, so you need to make each page they land on as important as possible. Add features that give more content without leaving that page, i.e. hover for product details pop-up.

5.  A Bit of Nip & Tuck

Reduce noise and clutter on your homepage, just keep it simple.

6.  Optimize Your Hot Buttons

This is not a new concept, but shop your site with a critical eye. Ask yourself, are there too many or too few calls to action? Also, keep in mind “above the fold” design; make your buttons easy to see and readable, make them as active as possible, change cursor, use roll-overs, use contrasting colors to draw the most attention.

7.  Eliminate Friction from Checkout

Remember 25% to 30% of visitors will exit your website on any given page. Do anything you can to reduce that number, go for shorter forms and eliminate instructions and negative language. Accentuate and emphasize with positive confidence building graphics.

8.  But Sometimes it Pays to Add Friction!

Special offers can add value to user, but can add complexity and confusion. Be sure that the value added is worth the extra step.

9.  Let Your Customers Do the Selling

70% of shoppers say user reviews and ratings are extremely or very important. Give the customer an opportunity to give their input and see other customer’s opinions.

10. Test & Optimize

ABT (Always Be Testing)! Try different offers, different ways to present the same offer, etc. Also, supplement A/B tests with user input. Use one of the many testing vendors in conjunction with surveys. This gives quantitative and qualitative information.

Reid Greenberg in the News

Storytelling drives Seventh Generation’s content strategy

It’s how the retailer of eco-friendly home products romances shoppers.

When a consumer goods manufacturer makes products that go head to head with some of the biggest brands in the market, it’s got to tell a really compelling story that’ll convince consumers to look its way. That’s the lesson offered by Seventh Generation, a manufacturer and online retailer of eco-friendly cleaning products like plant-based laundry detergent.

Reid Greenberg, head of digital strategy at Seventh Generation, last week detailed to attendees at the Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability 2013 conference in Orlando how the brand engages with consumers online. Greenberg said he may not have a budget like some of his competitors—say Procter & Gamble Inc.’s Tide detergent brand—but it focuses on creating things that captivate users. “We try to do a lot of content to drive authenticity and engage consumers,” he said.

To do that, Seventh Generation starts by keying in on what consumers want and works back from there, Greenberg said. “The point is not just to sell, but to effectively tell a story.” For example, Seventh Generation identifies itself not as a manufacturer of consumer packaged goods, but as a health and wellness company that happens to produce consumer packaged goods.

Online, Greenberg described the elements of the brand’s “digital ecosystem,” which includes presences on social and sharing sites like Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, as well as its e-mail marketing program and stores on other retail sites, such as and “We want to surround mom with a complete digital experience and make sure our content is timely for her,” he said.

One example of content Greenberg showed was a video the brand produced and posted on YouTube and on The video, titled “A Brighter Way to Care for Baby” shows how parenting methods have changed over time, with clips like kids riding in cars without seatbelts and parents smoking cigarettes around children, then cuts to how laundry detergent has changed over time, suggesting that parents evolve their approach to that, too. The video has more than 115,000 views on YouTube, and Greenberg said he and his team make sure to read all the comments viewers post about the video and use them to inform their planning for future content.

“We are a strong storytelling brand, and that is what helps us make the content that resonates with consumers,” he said.

Seventh Generation, having watched how its consumers are moving to access content through mobile devices, now has mobile-optimized web sites in the works. Approximately 20% to 25% of visits to now come from consumers using mobile devices, Greenberg said, noting that the mobile sites will launch in about 12 weeks. The web sites use the design approach called responsive design. A responsive site adapts to the screen the visitor is using—for example allowing a retailer to show a horizontal array of three product images on the larger screen of a PC, then stacking those images vertically for the narrow display of a smartphone.

From Digital Commerce 360 | Retail

Another Year, Another Town Report

Another Year, Another Town Report

Well, another Town Meeting Day has come and gone, and with it, another Town Report. 2012 marks the 13th year we’ve been producing the Annual Report for the Town of Weathersfield. Weathersfield Town Report 1998What began as an old-fashioned blue-line print job, complete with border tape, photo stripping and hand-delivery to the printer (always during a blizzard, it seemed) is now streamlined and all electronic, with delivery of a PDF to our printer via FTP. How times have changed…and the individual reports don’t even come to me handwritten on notebook paper anymore! Weathersfield Annual School and Town Report 2010-2011And it’s hard to believe we’ve worked with at least four different Town Managers over the years. Above is a shot of our very first report – only 88 pages!
And here’s this year’s – combined with the School District report since 2003, now a healthy 161 pages. It’s an honor to work with our Town on this effort and we appreciate the opportunity. To download the full PDF, please visit the Town’s Website at and click on the 2010-2011 Town Report Available Online link on the homepage.

Green Mountain Coffee Site Redesign

Green Mountain Coffee Site Redesign

Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee

This past fall we assisted the web team at GMCR in launching the redesign of their main consumer ecommerce website – loading content, making sure the enormous product catalog was up to date with all the new holiday offerings, testing functionality, even staying all night in the office to test the new site when it went live at 5 am! It was a very long process from start to finish, involving hundreds of hours of work on the part of dozens of people – kudos to all! The new site is beautiful!

Q&A with Reid Greenberg


Next in our Conversion Conference speaker Q&A sessions is Reid Greenberg, Director, e-Commerce & Direct Channels, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is recognized as a leader in the specialty coffee industry for its award-winning coffees, innovative brewing technology and socially responsible business practices. GMCR maintains two business units: the Specialty Coffee Business Unit, which includes the Green Mountain Coffee® and Tully’s Coffee® brands, and the Keurig Business Unit. The Company employs a combined total of over 1,400 employees.

1) What do you think is currently a hot trend in optimization or conversion?Optimization, testing, user experience are all hot at the moment (and have been for some time). Small percentage changes in conversion rates can be the incremental revenue that moves the needle for your site. At the forefront of optimization is the ability for both large and small organizations to conduct simple A/B and user testing with extremely affordable budgets. Companies like, AttentionWizard, UserFly and more make testing accessible for the masses. In fact, it’s shameful not to do it.

2) What would you say is the biggest mistake people make when it comes to optimization?The biggest, most single mistake marketers make when it comes to optimization is not testing and not letting the data direct you. Going by gut or the creative lead’s opinion might be the calmer path but you absolutely need to test. Don’t be afraid to throw some crazy ideas out there – and then collect and analyze the results to help inform the best optimization for your site. I’d also urge site owners to hire smart developers who understand how code, site speed, cart issues and more can dramatically impact conversions. At GMCR we’re lucky to have intertwined user experience, developers and super-nice guys blended into individual people. And no, you can’t have their names.

3) Which speaker(s) are you most excited to hear, beside yourself, at Conversion Conference East?Of course I’d have to say Tom Funk, the legend. He’s also my co-presenter and workmate so I’m a bit bias. My close second place favorite speaker to see is Steve Krug. Come on…the guy wrote the book on this stuff!

4) What’s your favorite restaurant to visit while in New York?Any real, authentic NYC pizza house. Second choice would be the most popular food cart on the street with the longest line.

More about ReidReid Greenberg develops marketing strategy and provides organizational leadership for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters consumer direct web sites, b2b e-commerce and, including catalogs, online advertising, direct mail, and e-mail. Reid led the launch and marketing of Green Mountain’s b2b web site and small office direct web site Reid previously was director of marketing & e-commerce for Ibex Outdoor Clothing. He also spent seven years at eBay and helped found Trillium Digital, an Internet marketing company.

See Reid Live!

Reid will be speaking with Tom Funk, his workmate at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, about “Tactics from the Trenches: 10 Simple Things You Can Do Next Week to Boost Your Conversion Rates” at Conversion Conference East 2011 in New York City. See the full agenda and read more about this session.

Want to save on your Conversion Conference Registration? Follow Reid on Twitter and contact him to request a discount code!

Recovering from Hurricane Irene

vermont strongVermont has experienced significant and widespread damage as a result of Hurricane Irene.  Our own backyard of Waterbury has been impacted in ways we couldn’t imagine – flooded homes, mud-caked streets, ponds where parks once stood.  It’s hard to see our home like this, but we know that it will recover stronger than ever because we are a community that comes together and overcomes.

In an effort to bring just a little bit of comfort to our neighbors recovering in Waterbury, tomorrow Wednesday, August 31, 2011 [UPDATE: We’re still giving out coffee – at least for the rest of the work week], the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center & Factory Outlet (40 Foundry Street) will be giving out free small coffees at both locations to anyone who stops by and sees us.  As the Visitor Center is still cleaning-up, you’ll find our team at a table near the park, ready to welcome our hometown friends and out-of-town visitors alike.

If you’re looking for a way to help support Vermont recovery, there are several organizations in Vermont that you can choose to support, such as:

  • Text FOODNOW to 52000 to donate $10 to Vermont Foodbank. The Foodbank will turn each donation into $60 for families in need.
  • The MRV Community Fund has been reestablished to help Mad River Valley farmers who saw devastating crop losses due to the flooding.
  • The Vermont and New Hampshire Valley Red Cross.

Thank you all.