Big News! Barleywine and Trillium have merged!

Big News! Barleywine and Trillium have merged!

Trillium Digital creative marketing strategyWe have a major announcement  – after nine years of peacefully co-existing, Trillium Digital and Barleywine Graphics are officially merged into one single company – Trillium Digital Marketing. We’ve actually been operating this way for years but have had separate websites and business cards all this time, and since we’ve been rebuilding the website(s) from scratch all autumn this seemed like the perfect opportunity to make it official! The major difference is the lack of the original Trillium team members who have gone off to bigger and better things (congratulations to Steve and Reid and thanks for everything!). It’s going to be emotionally difficult to give up the Barleywine Graphics name after 18 years but it’s finally time for it to retire. If you’re up for a little light reading check out my TL/DR Not-so-short History of Barleywine post. I got a new scanner last summer and was able to scan a ton of photos from our earliest days as an herb farm and serious nostalgia set in…

You also might notice the refresh of our Trillium logo to match our fresh new website, and as part of the website merger, I’ve combined much of the content from both of the old sites and now have a long history of blog posts going way back to the beginning of blogging!


And equally big news – I’m excited to announce my new Photography business, Melissa Snyder Photography! After taking photos of the beauty that surrounds me for over 20 years, I finally decided to officially share them with the world. Head on over to my new site to check it out.

Rest in Peace, Barleywine Graphics!


Reid Greenberg in the News

Storytelling drives Seventh Generation’s content strategy

It’s how the retailer of eco-friendly home products romances shoppers.

When a consumer goods manufacturer makes products that go head to head with some of the biggest brands in the market, it’s got to tell a really compelling story that’ll convince consumers to look its way. That’s the lesson offered by Seventh Generation, a manufacturer and online retailer of eco-friendly cleaning products like plant-based laundry detergent.

Reid Greenberg, head of digital strategy at Seventh Generation, last week detailed to attendees at the Internet Retailer Web Design and Usability 2013 conference in Orlando how the brand engages with consumers online. Greenberg said he may not have a budget like some of his competitors—say Procter & Gamble Inc.’s Tide detergent brand—but it focuses on creating things that captivate users. “We try to do a lot of content to drive authenticity and engage consumers,” he said.

To do that, Seventh Generation starts by keying in on what consumers want and works back from there, Greenberg said. “The point is not just to sell, but to effectively tell a story.” For example, Seventh Generation identifies itself not as a manufacturer of consumer packaged goods, but as a health and wellness company that happens to produce consumer packaged goods.

Online, Greenberg described the elements of the brand’s “digital ecosystem,” which includes presences on social and sharing sites like Tumblr, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook, as well as its e-mail marketing program and stores on other retail sites, such as and “We want to surround mom with a complete digital experience and make sure our content is timely for her,” he said.

One example of content Greenberg showed was a video the brand produced and posted on YouTube and on The video, titled “A Brighter Way to Care for Baby” shows how parenting methods have changed over time, with clips like kids riding in cars without seatbelts and parents smoking cigarettes around children, then cuts to how laundry detergent has changed over time, suggesting that parents evolve their approach to that, too. The video has more than 115,000 views on YouTube, and Greenberg said he and his team make sure to read all the comments viewers post about the video and use them to inform their planning for future content.

“We are a strong storytelling brand, and that is what helps us make the content that resonates with consumers,” he said.

Seventh Generation, having watched how its consumers are moving to access content through mobile devices, now has mobile-optimized web sites in the works. Approximately 20% to 25% of visits to now come from consumers using mobile devices, Greenberg said, noting that the mobile sites will launch in about 12 weeks. The web sites use the design approach called responsive design. A responsive site adapts to the screen the visitor is using—for example allowing a retailer to show a horizontal array of three product images on the larger screen of a PC, then stacking those images vertically for the narrow display of a smartphone.

From Digital Commerce 360 | Retail

Another Year, Another Town Report

Another Year, Another Town Report

Well, another Town Meeting Day has come and gone, and with it, another Town Report. 2012 marks the 13th year we’ve been producing the Annual Report for the Town of Weathersfield. Weathersfield Town Report 1998What began as an old-fashioned blue-line print job, complete with border tape, photo stripping and hand-delivery to the printer (always during a blizzard, it seemed) is now streamlined and all electronic, with delivery of a PDF to our printer via FTP. How times have changed…and the individual reports don’t even come to me handwritten on notebook paper anymore! Weathersfield Annual School and Town Report 2010-2011And it’s hard to believe we’ve worked with at least four different Town Managers over the years. Above is a shot of our very first report – only 88 pages!
And here’s this year’s – combined with the School District report since 2003, now a healthy 161 pages. It’s an honor to work with our Town on this effort and we appreciate the opportunity. To download the full PDF, please visit the Town’s Website at and click on the 2010-2011 Town Report Available Online link on the homepage.

Green Mountain Coffee Site Redesign

Green Mountain Coffee Site Redesign

Green Mountain Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee

This past fall we assisted the web team at GMCR in launching the redesign of their main consumer ecommerce website – loading content, making sure the enormous product catalog was up to date with all the new holiday offerings, testing functionality, even staying all night in the office to test the new site when it went live at 5 am! It was a very long process from start to finish, involving hundreds of hours of work on the part of dozens of people – kudos to all! The new site is beautiful!

GMCR Wholesale Launched

GMCR Wholesale Launched

GMCR Wholesale

Only six short weeks after launching the Business Coffee Express small office site for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, we were also asked to help launch its sister B2B site: GMCR Wholesale. With all kinds of marketing tools and and thousands of products available to wholesale customers from hotels and convenience stores, to food service distributors around the country, this large, complex site was put together in record time. Thanks to the whole team!

Trillium Digital launches new site for Green Mountain Coffee

Business Coffee Express

We are deeply honored to have been chosen by Ecommerce director Reid Greenberg to help launch the new small office site Business Coffee Express for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Offering a selection of commercial grade Keurig single cup brewers, hundreds of flavors of K-cup packs, as well as cups and condiments to  small offices with fewer than 20 employees, the site went live on March 17, 2010. Especially popular – starter kits!

Here’s the post that Reid wrote for the Green Mountain site’s blog:

Need Coffee for your Office? Our New Small Business Site is Finally Live!

As you are certainly aware, good coffee is vital to a happy workplace!  Coffee jump starts the day and fuels creativity – no matter how many people you have on staff.

With this in mind, we’re proud to announce the launch of our newest family of sites;!

For small offices and business of 20 or fewer, Business Coffee Express is your source for K-Cup Portion Packs & Keurig Brewers.  From our 1-click Starter Kits or our new coffee club discount program “Office EXPRESS,” Business Coffee Express has everything you need to outfit your small business or office.  By joining Office EXPRESS we’ll automatically deliver your coffee on a schedule you choose.  Plus, if you sign up today you’ll save $2.50 per box of K-Cups and 10% everything else including brewers!

And, if you have any feedback about the site (good or bad!) I’d love to hear from you.